Suppressor Advantages

What are the advantages of owning a suppressor?

  • Home protection:
    Why should you have to suffer potential permanent hearing loss if, god forbid, you are forced to protect your home and family in a crisis situation?
  • Hunting:
    Especially with most calibers; thus requiring less (if any) hearing protection. You can be more alert of your surroundings; and less conspicuous to near-by hunters, dwellings, and other wildlife. And protect the hearing of your faithful companion (dog!!!). IN MICHIGAN IT IS NOW PERFECTLY LEGAL TO HUNT WITH SUPPRESSORS !!!!
  • Target practice:
    Particularly on your own property where zoning laws allow; not disturbing neighbors or raising concerns.
  • Accuracy:
    Emerging bullet receives less “buffering” from turbulent gases.
  • Also reduces:
    1. Recoil (always an advantage!)
    2. Muzzle rise. Allowing for more accurate follow-thru with your next shot.
    3. Muzzle blast. Reduces both the “flash” & toxic muzzle gases.

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