Suppressors in Michigan at Reduced Prices – Class III Firearms Dealer

Over the last 10 years, suppressor manufacturers have popped up all over the country, resulting in a confusing array of choices. Our goal is to help you narrow down all those choices, to what we consider the best suppressors for your money.

While we can obtain suppressors from most suppliers, we mainly concentrate on suppressors from Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC), Silencerco (incl. SWR), and Thunder Beast. This is simply due to customer demand for “higher-end” “top-shelf” products (no insult intended to the other companies); while keeping their prices within reasonable comparison.

After reviewing numerous documented comparative studies, tests and testimonials (including our own trials), our top choices for each caliber are listed below; and therefore, these are the suppressors we try to keep in stock. It is our conviction that the following particular suppressors set the standard for reputation, reliability, consistency, accuracy, durability, ease of use, and most of all, quality plus sound reduction.

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