Class III Dealer Michigan – Tigon III Enterprises, Inc.

Tigon III Enterprises, Inc. is a federally approved dealership for fully automatic weapons, suppressors, AOW’s (“shorty” shotguns), pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

We are a STOCKING dealership for most of our featured items, minimizing the wait-time for NFA approvals.

In addition, we are a very affordable transfer facility for ATF and NFA transfers, serving Michigan residents who have purchased firearms from out-of-state; needing to legally bring them into Michigan.

We can also sell our inventory to residents out-of-state, abiding by ATF and NFA rules, whereby the item must first be transferred to the appropriate FFL or FFL/SOT in your state.

We pride ourselves in catering to the “newcomer” (affectionately known as the “newbie”) to the NFA world, spending as much time as one needs, so that you gain a complete understanding of the NFA process, advantages, and proper selection of the perfect firearm and/or suppressor for you. We want you to make the right decision the FIRST time.

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