That’s correct. We have almost all suppressors in stock !!! That’s a tremendous advantage, and here’s why:

When a dealer has to order a suppressor from the manufacturer (or wholesaler or another dealer), the NFA transfer TO your dealer is currently taking upwards of 3-4 months. And that’s IFFF the manufacturer has the item in stock. If they do NOT have the item in stock, it could take several MORE months for the manufacturer to fabricate your suppressor, before your dealer is then able to inventory the item you desire.

THEN, only after the dealer is able to inventory your suppressor…is he/she able to fill out the transfer to YOU, which is currently taking 8-9 months.

When you add up all those months (manufacturer fabricates suppressor….NFA transfer TO dealer….NFA transfer TO YOU), that’s a very long wait, indeed!!

Most suppressor dealers function in that manner, with no inventory, since it’s quite expensive to inventory suppressors.


We stock most of the suppressors you see on our site, saving you those many extra months waiting for your suppressor. In other words, the only transfer you have to wait for (if you live in Michigan) is the one from us to YOU. That saves a whole buncha time.

And therefore, that makes us one of the largest “stocking dealers” in the state, if not in the Midwest.

Time is money.

And we save you both. Period.

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