Michigan Class III Firearms Dealer – Tigon III Enterprises, Inc.

Tigon III Enterprises, Inc. has been serving Western and Central Michigan for almost 10 years. Conveniently located in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, we inventory the most highly respected and reviewed suppressors, integrated-suppressed rifles & pistols, AR-style rifles, threaded barrel pistols, and accessories.

WE ARE ONE OF THE LARGEST, IF NOT THE LARGEST, STOCKING DEALERS FOR SUPPRESSORS IN THE STATE !!!! That saves the customer a whole bunch of time in the transfer process, since manufacturer-to-dealer NFA transfer times are now running at least 3-4 months….IFFFF the manufacturer isn’t already backordered, and has the desired suppressor(s) in stock. Then, add to that, the NFA transfer time to the customer (nowadays, running about 8-9 months), and it would be a YEAR before you got your suppressor.

But, with our huge inventory, we can (99% of the time), bypass that unnecessary manufacturer-to-dealer 3-4 months wait-time as the dealer WAITS for your suppressor to arrive from the manufacturer.

We can accommodate any Class I (pistol, rifle, shotgun) or Class III (full auto firearms, suppressors, and “shorty” shotguns) transfers, at a surprisingly reduced price. With two NRA instructors on staff, we offer programs such as “Basic Pistol”, “Protection in the Home”, “Refuse to be a Victim”, and qualifications for obtaining your CPL (aka CCW) license.

Tigon III Enterprises, Inc. pride ourselves in catering to the newcomer (affectionately known as the “newbie”) to the hobby of Class III firearms and suppressors. By appointment only, Tigon III provides each customer exclusive and uninterrupted attention. We want you to make the RIGHT decision, the FIRST time, choosing the best firearm or suppressor for YOU.

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